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Golden State Warriors: Stay Healthy, Get Mean

31 Oct

The Golden State Warriors have a group of talented, polite young players.  But the NBA is a grown man’s league.  Can the Young Warriors find their nasty streak? Three early keys for the Warriors:

1. Can Curry and Bogut Stay Healthy? Just a few hours ago, the Golden State Warriors inked Stephen Curry to a 4 year/$44 million deal.  Curry’s shooting efficiency and point guard skills warrant such an investment, if he can remain on the floor.  Curry’s frail upper body hasn’t prevented him from scoring at an efficient clip, it is weak ankles that have caused him the most issues. Curry only played in 26 games last season and then spent the offseason having surgery and rehabbing his lower half.  Although he tweaked his ankle during the preseason, he will start tonight against the Suns. Equally important to the young Warriors is the health of center Andrew Bogut.  Although traded to the Warriors last year, Bogut played no games due to injury problems of his own.  Getting through the first game won’t mean the Warriors are in the clear. But actually seeing Bogut and Curry make it through one game together would be a good start to the regular season.

2. Will Klay Thompson Elevate His Game?

Banking on Thompson becoming a high level shooting guard allowed the Warriors to part ways with shooting guard Monta Ellis in their swap for Andrew Bogut. Thompson quietly stepped into the starting lineup, put up very good numbers and validated the decision to trade Ellis.  With Curry’s health a major question mark, Thompson must show that he can produce over the course of an entire season.  Thompson is already one of the best shooters in the NBA.  His size and above average athleticism make him a potential all-star down the line.  Thompson’s shooting stroke is so pure, you can’t help but hope the Warriors lucked into the next Ray Allen.  If the Warriors ever become a contender, or even a playoff team, Thompson’s emergence must happen.

3. Are the 3 Draft Picks Legit?

The Golden State Warriors were lauded for making the right picks in last June’s NBA Draft.  But whether their three rookies make the transition to the pros, only time will tell.  The guy we will find out about the soonest is Harrison Barnes.  Barnes has the size and skill for the NBA game and he may be a guy that makes a better pro than college player.  The physical skills aren’t the issue for Barnes. Barnes must prove that he has the killer instinct to compete night after night.  Best case scenarios point to a Paul Pierce type of player.  Pierce’s mental toughness is his best asset.  We will find out very quickly if somewhere inside the polite and soft spoken Harrison Barnes, lies a nasty streak that will fully maximize his physical gifts.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Your 2012-2013 Golden State Warriors

31 Oct

The point guard rat managed to sprain his ankle during this presentation

Gerald Green: An Ode to Above the Rim

30 Oct

Just in case you skip the clip, Gerald Green recently decided to stick his entire head above the rim.  Other than rewinding the clip 15 times to make sure the a. the rim was regulation(which you can’t tell anyway) and b. to make sure this wasn’t someone uploading fake NBA 2k13 highlights.  My next thought, obviously I switched to thinking about one of the most entertaining basketball movies of all time, Above the Rim.
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The Death Stare

30 Oct

That’s the death stare Lebron gave during his unconscious performance in last year’s game 5 against Boston. In case you forgot that  performance.  The you can’t stop me if you quintupled me look came during a 45 point and 15 rebound performance that can only be classified as assassin-like.  Lebron took the 6″8 freight train of a player everyone knew and added laser-like focus.

Where is Lebron James on the spectrum right  now?  We’ll get our first glimpse at 8pm ET with the NBA tipoff. Oh yeah, it’s Boston vs. Miami.  Ray Allen’s first game for his new team is against his good old pals Paul Pierce and KG.  Enjoy tonight.

2012-2013 NBA Tip Off: 5 Storylines to Last 82 Games

30 Oct

The 2012-2013 NBA season kicks off tonight with three games, including a rematch of the Eastern Conference Finals. The beginning of the NBA season always puts an extra hop in the step of basketball junkies and casual NBA fans.  The NBA season often starts out with compelling story lines but ultimately flatlines during the middle of every grueling 82 game season. Naturally, play becomes increasing lackadaisical, football playoffs inch closer, and the initial excitement fades.  This season won’t be immune to the inevitable ebb and flows in spectator interest, as stars take nights off and  every other match up begins seem inconsequential.  There are always a set number of real contenders at the beginning of the season and the opportunity for true surprise very slim.

Even though the season will drag on during certain chunks, the story lines are more compelling this year than at any time during recent NBA history.

Here are 5 things to watch as basketball resumes:
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What the F*** is Michael Jordan Wearing?

30 Oct

Michael Jordan’s legacy as the best basketball player is hermetically sealed(Many have tried to break through and even King James can’t seem to get in there). His NBA career and just overall coolness grants him complete immunity in whatever he decides to do with his post-playing days. Michael Jordan could convert to scientology, back al-qaeda, or go on the campaign trail with Mitt Romney and  he would still be revered. Even the decisions Michael actually makes(whether it’s perpetually outdoing himself as the worst NBA personnel decision maker of all time or giving a hall of fame induction speech(in which he has absolutely nothing to prove to anybody) that makes Charlie Sheen seem grounded, Michael Jordan will always be excused. Because, well, he’s MJ.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t go unnoticed. Even his worst choices-drafting Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison -can’t come close to his unfathomably unfathomable choices when it comes time to decide what he will cover his 6″6 body in. Absolutely egregious.  Here are a few images that are worth a thousand expletives.  For the entire collection of terrible Michael Jordan ensembles, you can visit a website entirely dedicated to… yes, what “clothes” Michael Jordan decides to walk out the door in. Yes, a whole website called So important a web domain, that the creator has decided he can’t let go of as he continues to renew it year after year. Keep in mind, these are just the times Michael Jordan has been caught in public-after trying on different combinations,looking in the mirror before leaving his house as he thinks to himself “Yeah, that’s the one”.

The Rockets Are All In On James Harden. How Big Is the Buy-In?

30 Oct

Will James Harden elevate his game to be the leader of the buy-in guys?

James Harden missed being born in the 1990’s by about 120 days.  When he came into the league, he couldn’t even order a drink at one of the many hoppin Oklahoma City clubs. The 2012-2013 season will be Harden’s 4th campaign in the NBA.  So far, he’s already won a gold medal in the olympics and played in an NBA finals.  In his first three NBA seasons, Harden’s been the underutilized third cog in an explosively talented Thunder team- playing only 22, 26, and 31 minutes per game respectively.  He’s known for his playmaking skills and tenacious, old school style of play.  Yet , it is the Julius Erving-like Afro on his face that most NBA fans know him by.  Besides his facial hair swag, what can we really say about Harden’s ceiling? About his legacy in 12 years or so?

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