16 Nov

Player Coach? Magic Did It

10 Nov

Tim Tebow’s Email Hacked! Created by Grantland’s Justin Halpern

9 Nov



Whoop ‘Em Mavericks Style

8 Nov

Welcome to America: Jamal Crawford Put’s Foreigner On A French Platter

8 Nov

This Jamal Crawford move didn’t end in a bucket. But, he casually embarrassed Nando de Colo.  Probably hadn’t seen that when he was playing in France.  Crawford, who is oft criticized for being more street ball than effective pro, has successfully become one of the best and streakiest scorers in the league.  Even with stars Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, and Joe Johnson switching teams, the addition of Crawford by the Clippers may have been the most important, or at least best under the radar move, offseason move by any team in the NBA.  Crawford is the early favorite to win 6th man of the year.  And, with increased attention, don’t expect Crawford to slow down his flashiness anytime soon.

A few more tasty clips to move your Thursday along:


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6 Nov

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5 Nov